'...You have the ability to achieve anything...'
So I took the leap!

I have always been interested in exercise & fitness. I started training from the age of 14 when I was a 'bean pole' and slowly built myself up to a good shape.

The only problem was the gym clothing, I found it hard to get tops which suited my shape and look good at the same time. Trying to find a top which fits in the right places but is loose in the others is hard. Every guy wants fitted sleeves but not fitted around the stomach. And every women wants a top which shows off their shape but doesn't make them feel uncomfortable.

So I had a go myself to try and find the perfect gym gear...

Aptitude Fitness Clothing provides two styles of look, the 'lifestyle range' & the 'fitness range'


The Lifestyle range is made up of the Muscle Fit top, Athlete Fit top & Hanging vest, these three tops provide a look which shows off all that hard work you are putting into the gym.

The Fitness range is made up of the Women's Fitted vest & both the mens & women Fitness range tops, these are tops made to be more of a regular fit using breathable and comfortable material.

So hopefully I am offering everyone something they feel like they could ACHIEVE ANYTHING in...

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